BL Lucky Is Transparent On “Yin and Yang”

by edstglobal

Georgia based hip hop artist BL Lucky has been on the move ever since he made his streaming debut just last year. The rising hip hop artist has made progress quickly in his short career thus far amassing thousands of streams across multiple platforms.

Lucky’s most recent release “Yin and Yang” highlights some of the aspects that make Lucky such a unique voice in the hip hop space. Lucky spits his mind over a beautiful vocal sample based instrumental, adding in sections of just his own words in the breaks.

Lucky talks about his pursuit of riches in the streets. He offers a new perspective on his day to day life, adding in little pieces of an overall puzzle.

While BL Lucky has yet to release anything new in 2020, it seems we could be due for new music soon.

Listen to “Ying and Yang” below:

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