Brian Rackliffe is Dominating the Photography Industry

by edstglobal

Growing up in the small town of Bristol, Connecticut, 23-year-old Brian Rackliffe has always had a deep passion for creativity ever since he was a young man. Brian became infatuated with the art of music because it allowed him to express himself. He dreamed of becoming an artist but quickly came to the realization that he was not blessed vocally to make it to the big stage. He decided to follow his second passion which was writing. His skills with a pen and paper landed Brian an opportunity to attend Marist College. During his sophomore year his journalism class had him use a DSLR camera and he instantly fell in love. It quickly became apparent to him that his true passion wasn’t with a pen and paper, but behind the lens.

Upon graduation Brian made the courageous decision to follow his dream and not go the standard 9-5 working schedule. He intuitively felt that if he stuck with what he loved then a pathway for his future would unfold before him. He stayed in contact with his photography professor in order to seek opportunities within the field, until he met Eli Pasternack through a mutual friend. Eli is a fellow creator himself who owns the company Four Shadow Collective. Four Shadow Collective consist of a group of young photographers/videographers who have major aspirations for the future. Brian was delighted to work with his new team, and he has grown tenfold since he started. Working at Four Shadow allows Brian the opportunity to work with other likeminded individuals who want to see each other thrive in the future.

A day in the life for Brian is quite chaotic, but he wouldn’t want it any other way. Brian starts his day by reaching out to numerous potential clients in order to expand his outreach and clientele base. Then he heads to the office and assists his team with prepping for the day’s shoot(s) whether that be helping create shot lists, organizing the itinerary, etc. Then he’ll go to a set location to meet up with his clients and complete the gig(s) then head back and update the schedule while organizing the photos/videos he’s captured that day to get them ready for editing.

This is just the beginning for young Brian Rackliffe as he looks to take his career to the next level in 2022. His dream is to work with fellow creators Cole Bennett and Gunner Stahl. They have been a major inspiration for him so far in his young career and believe they could do some spectacular work together. You can find Brian on his Instagram tagged below. If you or anybody you know needs content creation, make sure to reach out to Brian Rackliffe before it’s too late.


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