DaVinciBands is Swiftly Climbing to the Top of the Music Industry

by edstglobal

For the past 2 years, DaVinciBands has been dominating the music industry. This young artist creates music that is unique, authentic, and groovy. Ever since he was a young man growing up in Lakeland, Florida, music has been a second language to DaVinciBands. He got his start as an artist in 2020 when his brother K Lane paid for his first 2 hours in the booth over in Japan. K Lane helped his brother create his first 2 songs and he has hit the ground running ever since. As a musical artist DaVinciBands looks up to other artists from the likes of Young Thug, and Rod Wave. His dream is to one day work with Young Thug and believes that their musical styles will complement each other beautifully and create timeless music.

Currently, DaVinciBands is an independent artist. Being a new artist DaVinciBands spends a considerable amount of time navigating the tough terrain of the business side of the industry. He knows he has the talent, now he’s just perfecting the marketing aspect in order to grow his name globally. DaVinciBands is an incredible lyricist who credits his skills as a poet and writer from his younger days for his quick stardom to success. DaVinciBands uses music as a therapeutic outlet to emotionally express himself. He has gone through many trials and tribulations in his own life and intends on being a spark of light for anybody going through a tough time. His music is full of wisdom and catchy rhymes that resonate with the listener to the core of their soul.

 On February 18th, DaVinciBands dropped his latest single titled “Madness”. It’s a melodic song with a catchy hook and a plethora of punches and flow switches. It’s about proving all his doubters wrong and getting his revenge on anyone who said he couldn’t achieve his dream. The song is produced by JermJuice and mixed and mastered by Flex, his engineer from Audiobox Studios. 2022 is going to be a massive year for this young artist as he looks to strive towards reaching the pinnacle of his musical career. Be sure to check out DaVinciBands and stream “Madness” on the link below.

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