Dondorado Has Just Taken His Career to New Heights With “Only at 2:00am”

by edstglobal

Dondorado is beginning to blow up due to his latest body of work. On February 8th he released his latest EP “Only at 2:00am”. In this project Dondorado opens up to his fans and shows off his versatility as a lyrical genius. The inspiration behind “Only at 2:00am” was relationships, and some of the struggles that he has gone through in his personal life.

The project contains 4 songs and has a run time of 11 minutes. All 4 songs are emotionally driven, and he raps about love, breakups, women, and late-night rebounds. The beats are melodic accompanied by well thought out lyrics.

The EP is extremely catchy to the point where you will constantly have it on repeat. It is music that you can listen to no matter the setting. You can listen to “Only at 2:00am” while riding in the car, working out, or chilling with your girl.

Dondorado has just set himself up to have a massive year in 2022. Be sure to stream “Only at 2:00am” on the link below and be on the lookout for this up-and-coming superstar.

Stream “Only at 2:00” on


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