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In 2016, Flathau had dropped out of college after spending the previous two years pursuing a nursing degree and working in a nursing home. Before that, he traveled from city to city looking for work for 5 years, living on his own since he was 17. When he decided to make a career change that year, Flathau took an enormous leap of faith and became an AT&T franchisee. His blind faith and belief in himself that he could succeed paid off tenfold, as within two years, he was earning an annual salary worth 7 figures.

Even with all the success he was having, Flathau never really felt this was the career he’d spend the rest of his life pursuing. One of Flathau’s biggest hobbies was his fascination with custom jewelry. He began buying pieces for himself and quickly became interested in the craftsmanship of each item he bought. Turning to a rabbit hole of information, Flathau immersed himself in learning how to design and create pieces himself. Eventually, he realized that this wasn’t a hobby—it was a passion.

Founding Flawless Diamonds Co. was the first step in the true right direction for Flathau. Finding people that’d push him to work harder, Flathau began his Flawless Family. As a company, they are committed to providing honest communication with their clients and bring whatever their client’s imagination desires to life. 

He states, “We never cut corners and never sugar coat anything when talking with a client about their custom piece. The customer service that we provide with each customer is also outstanding.” 


Working his way from having nothing to owning one of the custom jewelry industry’s most game-changing and fastest-growing companies, Flathau has been on a journey to the top. In his eyes, though, there’s still work to be done.

“My ultimate goal for Flawless Diamonds is to be recognized as a premium jewelry company where customers can come and purchase with confidence and be satisfied,” he shares. 

Having the opportunity to work with high-profile clients has only cemented in Flathau’s mind that his hobby isn’t even a passion anymore, but a lifestyle. With a long-term goal of expanding across the United States, Flawless Diamonds Co. is expanding their catalog to include an apparel line which is soon to be released.

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