Fresh Micks Reflects On EP “Disaster”

by edstglobal

Upcoming California based R&B and Hip Hop artist Fresh Micks released his debut EP “Disaster.” The seven-song EP, lasting about 20 minutes in listening time, includes a broad perspective of sound and showcases Fresh Mick’s versatility as an artist. 

Micks says the EP was a huge moment in his career and a project he reflects on proudly. “Releasing my most recent EP, “Disaster” I felt was a huge achievement,” said Micks. “While I don’t have the studded star power behind it, this body of work is truly me in raw form. And the most exciting part is that it’s just the tip of the iceberg! I’m very proud of it but I know what’s to come and it makes me anxious to show the world.”

The project’s interesting part is that it includes an overall cohesive feel while being so diverse in sound. This isn’t something that can be done easily. The sound ranges from slow tempo jams like “Drunk Text” and “Miles” all the way to drumless tracks like “Run Away.”

While Micks is fond of his debut project, he’s more excited about what’s ahead. He’s hinted at new music coming out soon. “I have so much in the works coming out very soon,” said Micks. “My EP “Disaster” is a more melodic, RNB body of work with lots of rap influence. I hope to soon reach the other side of the spectrum and make some more upbeat, fun, careless, “IGNANT” rap stuff. It will all come soon. No dates yet. But it’s coming very soon.”

You can listen to “Disaster” here:

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