Fresh Micks Reinvents Himself

by edstglobal

Fresh Micks grew up in Pine Canyon, CA, with his mother and older brother in a struggling home. At a young age, Mick gravitated towards music, using it as his creative outlet. He started playing music as early as the age of 9, where he began to play the violin, unlocking the craving for learning music on a broader scale. Throughout grade school and high school, he quickly picked up additional instruments including piano, guitar, bass, and clarinet. He made a name for himself and acquired a strong local following from 2013-2015 by releasing a series of freestyle and remixes on YouTube accompanied by a series of mixtapes such as “Learning Experience” and “Hometown Hero”.

Late 2018, Micks quit his job in central California and moved upstate to begin work as a freelance mix engineer and producer for other artists, all while perfecting his own craft. He took a multi-year long hiatus from social media, and in Dec 2021 he made his highly anticipated comeback.

Recently, Mick released his first body of work since reinventing himself titled “Disaster 2”. “Disaster 2” is a soulful, melodic, R&B album that has garnered the attention of music blogs, music critics, and fans alike, marking the era of a new season for Micks. The project contains 7 songs, has a run time of 24 minutes, and has gathered hundreds of thousands of streams since its release.

Micks wants his fans to take away the message from listening to his music;” That it’s okay to be expressive and vulnerable and still be cool. I hope they relate to not only my personal struggles and situations emotionally but also can see I enjoy what I do, and I enjoy releasing it.” This is just the beginning for the new and improved Fresh Micks. He plans to have a massive 2022 and take his career to new heights. Be sure to check out his new album “Disaster 2” on the link below and follow him on Instagram to keep up with any new announcement regarding his next project.



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