Hip Hop Artist Kezzy Rosé Influences Others Through His Sound

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Kieran Ellison, AKA Kezzy Rosé is a 24 year old hip hop artist from Pittsburgh, PA. The hip hop singer, songwriter, and self taught sound engineer is a one stop shop artist that does it all.  Kezzy Rosé is the youngest of 7 siblings, and had an on-the-go lifestyle growing up. 

Overcoming Obstacles

 Kezzy Rosé had a rough upbringing.  Moving from city to city, state to state, he always found himself traveling to high poverty areas that of course, also had high crime rates. Being a victim of his circumstances and who he was surrounded with,  Kezzy Rosé found himself battling a drug addiction at the early age of 16. 

Overcoming the addiction and depression is still a challenge he faces today years later, but   Rosé hints that creating his music is what keeps him in check, and soothes his anxiety. 

Kezzy Rosé used his music to get out of his own tough times, and he suggests that he makes music to be able to do the same for other people. 

“The biggest achievement for me to date is knowing that I’m helping people in other countries through my sound. I get reached out often by kids overseas saying that my music helps get them through their days and hard times, and that was exactly my goal when I decided to take music more seriously”, says  Kezzy Rosé. 

Impacting Others

Kezzy Rosé shares that each day he wakes up ready to help lots of people with their own problems. Finding music as his outlet saved him, and he puts himself into positions to be able to help others as well. 

Kezzy Rosé explains it as, “I want the youth who feel there’s no escape being born into a corrupt life to feel my pain, and that they aren’t alone.  I was there too and found a way out  so I want to inspire others to do the very same.” 

Looking Ahead

The future looks bright as Kezzy Rosé gears up for his next projects. His newest single “Night Vibes” was just released, and he is following it up with another drop “Voices” in early November. Kezzy shares, “ These two songs are about living life without having my own thoughts and voices in my head, so I show sides of me that people often have confused understandings about.” 

Visuals and music videos will shortly follow these new releases. 

You can keep up with Kezzy Rosé on Instagram here , and you can listen to all his music on Spotify here

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