How Jarred Rosenberg Found His Way Into Fashion and Became Successful With Vieue Clothing Brand

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Vieue Clothing Brand

New York City, USA, Aug. 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Growing up in Long Island, New York, Jarred Rosenberg always planned to work in healthcare.
However, after earning his Doctor of Pharmacy, his drive for self-employment and autonomy led to studying business and later earned an MBA. In 2019, Rosenberg found his opportunity for business after seeing a space that needed to be filled in the fashion industry and founded Vieue Clothing Brand.

According to Rosenberg, “Vieue Clothing Brand is a New York designed, globally inspired streetwear clothing brand that embodies comfort in style. We aim to dress anyone, from our drop-shoulder hoodies and joggers around town to our classic crew straight-hem tees at the office.” One of Vieue Clothing Brand’s most notable brand elements is its ethically sourced, top- quality materials. Overcoming challenges to be green, Vieue Clothing Brand works with eco-friendly facilities that save water and reduce energy consumption. The brand has gone as far as to achieve virtually zero waste within their processes.

With a good vision and quality products, Rosenberg and Vieue Clothing Brand serve as a prime example of how to grow a business from nothing to success. Vieue Clothing Brand sold out of its initial inventory within the first four days of pre-launch sales for its online debut and Rosenberg’s expectations of this progress remained consistent. In an interview, he revealed, “in the next five years we see Vieue Clothing Brand being an international retailer of authentic streetwear, as well as expanding the brand into other facets of fashion.” The drive to see people incorporate his clothing as staples in their wardrobe has become Rosenberg’s reward for the dedication and daily grind. It keeps him striving to run a brand that is continuously working to bring its customers exactly what they want.

As an entrepreneur, Rosenberg has learned valuable lessons along the way. He stated that being a successful entrepreneur takes “doing the things others won’t do.” Rosenberg continues, “it requires persistence, reflection, and consistency.” When asked what advice he would give to a young entrepreneur, Rosenberg reflects, “we are all capable of being successful at what we set our minds to; however, you can’t easily allow failures to steer you off course. You need to teach yourself when to keep your head down and work, and when to look up and learn from what is around you.”

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