How Joy R. Richardson Transitioned from Being a Clothing Site Owner to a Male Model

by edstglobal

Based in Los Angeles, California, fashion model, an aspiring actor, and fashion designer, Joy R. Richardson hasn’t always been on the clothing industry’s modeling side. Before he began modeling, he owned a clothing site called Joy Lifestyle Wear.

The idea behind the brand was to make it based on an idea bigger than the designs themselves. After going through my own personal mental health struggles, I wanted to make it clear to the masses that a lot of mental battles are overcome simply within yourself,” said Richardson. “In the future, I plan to do similar mental health positive work through my modeling and acting.”

Fast forward some time, and now Richardson is a male model, pursuing his dream each and every day. The interesting part about Richardson’s approach to modeling is his ability to channel his inner “female energies.” He says his ability to tap into his feminine side actually fuels his passion for the profession. “When I think of modeling I of course pay homage to both male and female models and actors but the first thing that comes to mind is how powerful women are when it comes to making modeling one of the loveliest arts. I want to be able to show other males around me that love for these things does not define sexuality in any way.”

When Richardson began posting on social media with his self-curated style, people who he thought were his friends tried to bring him down. He was even called a “homosexual” for his appearance in his posts. Despite these obstacles, Richardson believes male models will never truly reach their full potential without tapping into their feminine side. “Men will never reach the next level in life without tapping into their feminine energies,” said Richardson. “I want to spend a career highlighting that art has no gender, and people should highlight what they personally love through their art without persecution.”

Being the parent of a daughter, Richardson is still actively pursuing his dream. He wants to be a light in a dark place and encourage male models to be themselves. Richardson plans to continue to build his following by posting consistent content and dropping clothing items whenever he can. He also hopes to land in a Hollywood movie and be on a high fashion poster. 

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