How Matt Sequeira’s Struggles Have Helped Him Connect With His Audience

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Matt Sequeira’s journey as an independent artist has never been easy. At the age of 16 years old, Matt was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The news took a toll on Matt’s confidence, requiring an insane amount of courage to fight through everyday life. “Being diagnosed at such a young age affected my self-esteem,” said Matt Sequeiras. “I had a lot of aggression towards myself and the world for making me stand out and not fit in. I hated that I was different and had to live a different lifestyle.”

Despite the hardships that being diagnosed with diabetes at such a young age brought, Matt Sequeiras says that his fight has made him a stronger person and a better songwriter. “Through time, I realized It was okay to be different and that the pain I felt would not only make me a better, stronger, and more compassionate person, but also a better songwriter,” said Matt.

Matt Sequeiras has also been battling depression for a large part of his life, an issue he kept hidden from the public for a long time. He finally decided to open up about his fight with the mental disorder on one of his latest releases. His song “Demons” from his debut EP “Weirdo” paints a picture of Matt’s struggle with depression.

“My song “Demons” was about my struggle with depression. I had never opened up publicly about this part of my life before,” said Matt. “What made this subject so hard for me to write about was that in doing so, I had to hear myself express my pain outside of only my head. Most of it didn’t even make sense on paper in the beginning. I had to really hone in on the lyrics, making it feel almost as if I was in a therapy session.”

Matt attributes his battles with his mental health as a huge inspiration for his music. “Whether I’m writing about love, heartbreak, mental health, or even just about having fun, I always use my own life experiences as inspiration,” said Matt.

Inspired by the likes of Green Day, Panic At The Disco, and more, Matt has been on a mission to let his fans know they aren’t alone in their struggles. “I want my fans and listeners to know it is okay to just have fun with who they are and loosen up,” said Matt. “Whatever troubles or hardships you are going through will fade and you will succeed and find happiness within yourself. Live your life to the fullest.”

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