Jeff Blute Is Helping Countless Artists

by edstglobal

Growing up in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts, Jeff Blute always had a passion for music. At a young age, he recognized his love for music and intuitively knew he’d have a major impact on the industry. He started his musical journey by being involved with multiple bands throughout his life. Recently, he transitioned into the business side of the music industry as a musical entrepreneur. Jeff Blute focuses on helping hundreds of independent artists and producers level up their sound, brand, and business. In addition, Jeff writes and records for many of the industry’s top artists.

Jeff Blute is the founder of Blute Productions. In the beginning, the intention behind Blute Productions was to provide beats for rappers. It can be hard for artists to find instrumentals that complement their sound. Jeff has experienced this in his own career and knew he could bridge the gap for countless artists. After experiencing immediate success, he decided to expand his outreach. Not only does Blute Production provide beats, but they create sound kits, and tutorial videos helping creatives, and even offer services such as graphic design, mixing marketing, and press.

Having gained a wealth of knowledge from his business ventures, Jeff Blute plans on giving back. He intends to start speaking publicly not only helping musicians but fellow entrepreneurs in any business who want to grow in the online space. The advice he gives to young artists and entrepreneurs is “Go all in. Learn a new skill, work on your personal brand, and try new things. Find out what it is you want to do and what you’re truly passionate about.” You can check out Jeff Blute’s services on his website, and be sure to connect with him on Instagram.

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