Juan Arango is a Man of Service

by edstglobal

Juan Arango is a self-made Colombian entrepreneur who has the special ability to help positively impact the lives of others. Juan got his start in business while attending the University of Coastal Carolina. Upon discovering the world of online business, he was captivated by the endless possibilities. He put his heart and soul into learning how to make money online through e-commerce, stocks, website designing, crypto, and buying and selling sneakers. He saved up all the money he made so that when he graduated, he could open up his own business.

When Juan graduated, he started his first brick and mortar business Sense Esthetics Medical Spa in Port Chester, NY with his business partner. At Sense Esthetics Medical Spa, Juan handles all day-to-day operation needs such as the financials, marketing, and management. He puts great emphasis on the long-term growth of the business, so he is always looking for ways to improve customer experience and expand his outreach. His intentions when creating Sense Esthetics Medical Spa was to have his customers feel more confident and beautiful about themselves when they walk out, than when they walked in.

When Juan is not working at Sense Esthetics Medical Spa, he is helping others expand their online social media presence at Everyday Success Team. At EDST Juan provides artists, brands, and entrepreneurs with innovative services such as social media growth, press/article features, algorithmic Spotify streams, and e-commerce stores. When Juan discovered EDST and saw what it did for his own business he knew he had to get in on the action and help others grow their brands as well.

In the future Juan Arango wants to continue growing his businesses and help other young striving entrepreneurs. He feels blessed to be in the position that he is in today and has a wealth of knowledge that he knows can help impact others just starting out in the game of business. He believes it’s important to share the experience and wisdom you have picked up on your journey in life and wants to make this a big part of his future. A message he always shares with his clients is that the best investment you can make is in yourself. He understands and preaches that you can only give what you have to offer so you must keep expanding in order to serve more people. If you need help with building your own personal brand, marketing, or online exposure make sure to hit up Juan and he will serve you to the best of his capability.

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