Kesean Russell Is Sharing His Real Estate Wholesaling Expertise With Others Through His Business Wholesaling Oasis Academy

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Wholesaling Oasis Academy

Dallas, USA, Sept. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sometimes the loss of a dream is the beginning of something great. Kesean Russell, a young entrepreneur from Dallas, TX, was forced to give up his professional basketball dream to help pay bills by pushing carts at Walmart. During this challenging period, Kesean’s uncle mentioned the possibility of making a great profit through real estate wholesaling, which happens to not require credit, a real estate license, or large amounts of starting capital. Real estate wholesaling is a real estate method where you obtain a property under contract for a discount then assign the contract to a fix and flipper or cash buyer for a profit. It took Kesean 28 long days to secure his first transaction, but with the door open, deals soon flooded in. Later he took what he had learned and created his own teaching business, Wholesaling Oasis Academy, to share his knowledge with others.

Kesean’s early success gave him the opportunity to teach others the same techniques through his business. In an interview, he revealed that “the most rewarding part of the job is not getting the checks, but teaching people who are in need of a high paying career teaching them how to wholesale, then seeing them come back saying they made 10k, 20k, 30k, even teenagers.” Kesean and Wholesaling Oasis Academy is giving ordinary people the tools to make a living in such a massive real estate market.

His formula has led to an incredible amount of success for him and others. Kesean also used Tik Tok to further his brand giving his followers bits and pieces of their wholesaling expertise. Kesean and Wholesaling Oasis Academy’s goal is to provide their students the means to go from 0 to 20k in a matter of weeks after taking their course. For more information on Kesean Russell and to learn more about his teaching academy, Wholesaling Oasis Academy, check out the links below.

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