liL Kaycee Release EP “KEEP CREATING YOU’LL BE RICH SOON” & Proves Why He’s a Force to be Reckoned With,

by edstglobal

Almost 3 years ago from today liL Kaycee was shot 23 times and in a coma for three days due to his injuries. His dreams of being a professional football player were shattered. After recovering from his injuries the Queens artist decided to focus on his second love music.

Lil Kaycee has a sound that is unmatched and with smash after smash he’s truly making a statement in todays music industry and solidifying himself as an artist of the future. 

With the release of his latest EP “KEEP CREATING YOU’LL BE RICH SOON” liL shows his unique style from the intro “Run It Up” to the outro “Stay Dah Night”. He also dropped a performance video showing he can rock a stage.. liL isn’t signed yet but we feel he’s Next To Blow, A&R’s be on the lookout..

Stream “Keep Creating You’ll Be Rich Soon”

Watch “liL Kaycee “I’m Hot” Performance

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