Matheus Oliveira is Crushing His Entrepreneurial Journey

by edstglobal

Growing up in East Fishkill, New York, Matheus Oliveira always envisioned himself becoming a successful businessman. As a young man he knew he didn’t want to take the traditional 9-5 route, but instead wanted to create a lifestyle that revolved around business. The self-improvement journey that came with becoming an entrepreneur always intrigued Matheus because he knew he’d have the opportunity to grow into the man that was destined to become.

While Attending the University of Rhode Island as a prominent soccer superstar, Matheus took the leap of faith and started his first online business as a personal trainer. He chose the fitness industry due to his vast knowledge base and his passion to help others. While still in school he was able to scale his online fitness business to over 150+ clients. During his senior year he got introduced to the company EveryDay Success Team, which allowed him to have a greater online presence and build his brand. Seeing the impact that EDST had on his own business he knew he had to get in on the action and help others do the same.

Fast forward to today, and Matheus is a head marketing executive at EDST, servicing roughly 500 clients. At EDST Matheus focuses on helping entrepreneurs, content creators, artists and brands/businesses build an elite online brand. He does this by increasing their credibility as well as their social exposure by offering a variety of different services such as social media strategizing, marketing, public relations, advertising management, radio spins and many more.

Matheus has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge on his journey in life thus far and in the future, he plans on sharing the wisdom he has gained. One endeavour Matheus is passionate about is motivational speaking. He recognises how blessed he is in his life, and he wants to help others reach the level of success they are destined for also.

 For anyone looking to follow their dream Matheus has a word of advice: “When you break away from societal norms and try to seek your own path of excellence… people will doubt you, call you crazy and laugh at you every step of the way in the beginning. The difference between success and failure is how you handle this outside noise. It’s easy to succumb to these people because if you do decide to do your own thing, the chance of failure is high. The average person will do anything they can to NOT be in this position. That’s what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Putting yourself in positions where failure is inevitable because without failure, there is no room for progress, knowledge and self-development.”

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