New Jersey’s Own K-P Borden Releases New Single “Night Walker”

by edstglobal

New Jersey’s own K-P Borden releases his latest single “Night Walker”, touching on some deep
but relatable topics the song dives into feeling lifeless and battling your demons, which most us
can relate too during this worldwide lockdown and having to self-isolation. With smooth
melodies and a catchy hook, the sound brings a relaxing vibe, despite the lyricism.

K-P Borden tells us “For a while I would wander around lifeless. I’d be in the room but never present.
Trapped in a constant state of self reflection, Just my demons and I wandering around together.
That’s what led me to write this song.”

K-P Borden decided early in his career he wasn’t going to be a struggling artist, after graduating
with a bachelor of Arts, K.P committed himself to learn how to day trade stocks, giving himself
the financial freedom to pay his bills and still work on his talent and develop his sound and

K.P wanted to start the year with “Night Walker” as it felt more true to who he was and his sound
and he will be releasing a music video for the song in 2 weeks, until then you can take a listen

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