Rabz Gets Real On “Paranoid”

by edstglobal

Long Island native Rabz has been making music for a while now. Growing up with divorced parents made Rabz realize life isn’t fair. “Growing up with divorced parents was a valuable lesson” said, Rabz. “It showed me things don’t always go as planned, but that doesn’t mean you just give up. I’ve definitely applied this lesson when dealing with my own problems.”

One of Rabz’s biggest influences for writing his music is his own problems. No where does that show more than on his song “Paranoid”. Right from the start, heart piercing lyrics and a smooth, painful voice set the mood for the track. A piano based instrumental, melodic flow, and powerful chorus make this song a perfect heart healer. Rabz does an amazing job of switching flows while keeping his listeners inside his shoes.

Listen to Paranoid here:

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