Rapper YDD Continues to Strive Towards the Top of The Music Industry

by edstglobal

Wesley Bailey, who goes by the stage name Rapper YDD, is beginning to launch himself into stardom. Growing up in Mount Dora, Florida, aka Slumpville, Rapper YDD always envisioned himself as a global sensation. Although he grew up in an extremely rough environment and got exposed to circumstances no child should have to face, he always kept his faith and believed he would accomplish something magnificent in his life. Being the wise man that he is, Rapper YDD has been able to rise above his circumstances and turn his life experience into a great asset. Upon returning from prison Rapper YDD knew he wouldn’t go back to his old lifestyle and decided to pursue his dreams of being an artist, and author.

Rapper YDD is an independent artist who is lethal with a pen and paper. The way he is able to express his emotions and paint a vivid picture in the mind of the listener is quite impressive. He credits his lyrical talent from his ability to search deep within his heart and find the true meaning of his trials and tribulations that he has faced. Rapper YDD focuses on creating music that is honest, timeless, and inclusive. His life experience has allowed him to tell his life story from a perspective everyone is able to appreciate and sympathise with.  

Rapper YDD has an extensive music catalog and he just recently added to it with the release of his latest single “Down in Florida” featuring John Wicks. His top streaming hits “Rentals” and “Trap Going Hard” from his album “Back in Trouble” highlights his road to success and the lessons learned during this phase of his life. As an author, Rapper YDD has wrote 2 extremely successful books “Slumpville” and “Slumpville 2”. Both are highly coveted book series in the prison system and beginning to gain nationwide popularity. Rapper YDD has a plethora of music locked away in his vault that he is eager to release for his fans to hear in 2022. This will be a massive year for this rising artist as he plans to take his career to the next level. Be sure to check out Rapper YDD on the link below and stream his latest single “Down in Florida”.

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