Release Radar: Rap Artist Marcus432 Looks to New Music

by edstglobal

California is home to the young hip-hop artist Marcus432. He has recently discussed the release of music and his career in an interview. He first revealed information about his new single “OMO” and its significance. “My new single “OMO” (On My Own) dropped on September 9, 2020. I released it alongside my talented Australian cousin, Vali Woods. “OMO” is about DIY, taking control of your own life, and doing what you want or need to do – no matter what it takes to do. Doing what it takes to get to the next level starts with you and only you.

Marcus 432 also revealed that the title “OMO” pays homage to Drake’s label “OVO” due to his inspiration from one of Drake’s old songs. Stream this catchy, upbeat, versatile record now!

Marcus432 is also the founder of the Bay Area music group, “432 Mob”. This group has allowed him to work on the online marketing side of the music industry. He now has helped hundreds of artists gain more credibility and exposure online and across all platforms.

As an independent artist, Marcus432 records, produces, and engineers his music. At the start of his career, he was mainly focused on creating music. However, he as soon come to outsource beats through a wide variety of producers that he has networked with over the years. Marcus432 hopes that those hearing his music and following his career will see that, “If I can do it, you can too.”

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