Sweet Roddy Is Making A Come Up Out Of Menifee, California

by edstglobal

Based out of a small town in California called Menifee, rising hip hop artist Sweet Roddy is looking to make a name for himself in the entertainment space. As a second-generation Cuban-American, Roddy has learned important lessons from his family that have helped him today.

Sweet Roddy first got into making music during his freshman year of high school. While he didn’t have amazing equipment, Roddy worked with what he had. Roddy began his career by cooking on turntable equipment connected to his iPad mini. “Although I sucked at the time, I eventually got better and better,” said Sweet Roddy.

Roddy made his streaming debut back in 2018 and has been consistently dropping new music ever since. He got off to a quick start early this year, dropping a single called “Not My Fault” in January. 

The rising Californian has made it his mission to make music that people can easily relate to. He wants to change other people with his words and attract listeners based on his sound. “I want people to be told a story and to go back to the song and not just listen because maybe it has a catchy chorus or a hard verse but to look back at what I’m saying and actually relate to it,” said Roddy. “For me, that is what stands out to be an artist, if you can reach a listener through your words is such a powerful yet wonderful feeling.”

While the young artist has yet to release anything since his single “Not My Fault,” fans can expect new singles soon. Roddy says he’s focused on making singles rather than an album. “I don’t want to drop an album just yet because albums to me are one as a whole,” explained Roddy. “Each song correlates with the next, so that is something I am taking my time on but as for now. Song after song.”

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