Tn_boosie is a Rising Star in Hip Hop

by edstglobal

Tn_boosie is rapidly becoming one of music’s biggest young stars. Ever since he was a young man growing up in Seattle, Washington, Tn_boosie has envisioned himself as a global sensation. He began his journey as an artist at the age of 8 years old. He got his start in music after he attended Nipsey Hustles funeral. He was mobbing around with his Bart Simpson chain on an ultra-motorized blaster nerf gun and everybody started stopping him to take pictures. It swiftly became apparent to Tn_boosie and everyone else around him that he had a magnetized persona that people gravitated towards. Amir approached Tn_boosie and expressed to him how he thought he was going to be hip hop’s next superstar. Ever since that day Tn_boosie has diligently worked on his craft in order to become the best artist he can be.

Growing up listening to artists from the likes of 2 Pac and Pimp C has helped mold Tn_boosie into the artist that he is today. The way that he is able to put together rhymes at his age in something we haven’t seen from any young artist before. The influence these legends have left on Tn_boosie is undeniable when you listen to him spit on the microphone. Tn_boosies music is energetic, authentic, and real. He puts his life experience up until this point into a perspective that all can resonate with and appreciate. Tn_boosie wants his fans to take away the message that “knowledge is power and to never give up on your dream” when listening to his music.

Currently, Tn_boosie is an independent artist who aspires to sign to a major record label. Since he has hit the scene, he has consistently released new music. He works with his producer Jaccem Smaccem to provide the highest quality sound for his fans. Recently, Tn_boosie released his latest single “The Chosen One” which has been quickly climbing the charts. In this song Tn_boosie raps about his rise to the top on Biggie’s famous instrumental “Juicy ”. 2022 will be a massive year for Tn_boosie as he continues to grow as an artist so make sure to check him out and stream “The Chosen One” on all platforms.

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