Zach Harnish is Gifted Behind a Camera Lens

by edstglobal

Zachery Harnish grew up in the small town of Terryville, Connecticut. While in high school he took photography as an elective class in order to fill his schedule and get an easy grade. Unbeknownst to him at the time he was about to discover his life’s passion. When he got behind the lens he instantly fell in love. Hearing of his newfound talent his grandmother bought him his first camera and he started to capture all of life’s moments. At this time Instagram was just becoming popular so Zach had a platform to share the world with his creative ability.

Upon graduating high school Zach attended the University of Rhode Island as a way to expand his knowledge base on photography. He quickly felt that he could be doing more so after his first he decided to leave school and get hands-on experience. Zach took a job with a concert production company photographing headlining acts all over the northeast. He was able to meet some tremendous people and even got to meet and photograph artists from the likes of DaBaby, Lil Tjay and Polo G. This experience served as a critical benchmark for his growth in knowledge and future success.

Today, Zach is a head photographer at the company Four Shadow Collective. Four Shadow consist of 4 other photographers/videographers who specialize in content creations. There Zach works with entrepreneurs, artists, influencers, brands and companies and helps them reinvent their online presence.

What you should expect from Zach in the future is lots and lots of content. He has major aspirations for the future and hopes to one day work with Peter Mckinnon. Peter was a huge influence for Zach growing up and knows that together they can make some revolutionary content. Be sure to check out Zach’s Instagram tagged below to see his latest body of work.


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